Health Tips - 22 May

Effective And Natural Tip Against Dandruff

Dandruff, you really want to get rid of it! You're sick of seeing them fall on your shoulders. No need to ruin dandruff shampoos bought...

Health Tips - 10 May

The Secrets Of A Healthy And Balanced Feed

We forget all too often that our food, that is, what we drink and what we eat every day, is really the raw material with which we make our ...

Food - 02 May

Healthy Food: A Healthy Diet To Live Longer

A 20% increase in the quality of the diet reduces the risk of mortality by 8 to 17%. More fruits, fish vegetables, fewer meats, and sweet...

Fitness - 02 May

Weight Loss: How To Lose a Ton Of Weight

How many of you have tried diets without seeing real results? How many started a diet that seemed to work well but quickly arrived, after a...

Health Tips - 21 April

Reprogram Your Brain And Control Your Time To Enjoy More

How to feel that we really use our time? Taking charge of our priorities, reprogramming our brain and controlling our time. Photo by Bru...

Health Tips - 23 May

5 Tips to Look Younger

Time is youth and beauty, nobody, absolutely nobody wants to lose it without realizing it, nor waste it in nonsense. And the worst of all i...

Health Tips - 23 May

How to Eat and Sleep Healthier in Ramadan

During this month Muslims refrain from eating and drinking or smoking from sunrise to sunset; and it is at that moment that the faithful sit...

Health Tips - 23 April

10 Tips For Falling Asleep Faster

Sometimes we are so stressed that we can not fall asleep calmly. Yet this is the number one step in our sleep cycle. Counting sheep? It'...

Health Tips - 16 April

9 Efficient Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

Everybody dreams of a smile from Hollywood. However, not everyone can allow themselves to be whitened at the dentist. HNW has good news f...



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