Why Do We Yawn?

Why We Yawn

What is Yawn

Yawning - what do we know about this phenomenon? I thought that we were yawning when we feel sleepy or when we are very bored. She was also surprised that yawning is a very (able to be caught from other people) thing. I also watched/followed that after a yawn, for a short time, light wakefulness happens. I was interested in these facts and I wondered what was happening in our bodies during the yawning. I decided to try to deal with this important thing/big event in more detail and try to understand why we are yawning?

Why Are We Yawning?

Yawning is a slow deep breath in which the mouth opens wide and you want to stretch, followed by a quick exhalation. In animals, when yawning, the back is arched. Yawning usually happens with tiredness, in a tired state, staying in a room with a high content of carbon dioxide, sometimes for no seen/obvious reason at all. 

The reasons for yawning, still not completely understood. When we fall asleep, our breathing rate decreases, because in our sleep we need less energy than when we are awake. If at this time a person is trying not to sleep, then the brain begins to experience a lack of oxygen. To fix this, people start to yawn, to increase the amount of air entering the lungs. For the same reason, a person who is not going to sleep at all can come to a yawn, if he enters the hot and humid/snobby room. 

Imagine how, when a slow and deep yawn, the blood is enriched with oxygen. Increases the speed of blood flow in the tubes (in the body) of the head. Improved blood supply to brain cells. The muscles of the legs, arms, and especially the back are strained; a person produces some kind of movement. Muscles make the brain shake off braking. 

Yawning is the way the body fights against stress. Remember that you do not want to yawn if the mood is energetic and made very happy. It is quite another thing when we are somehow badly mistreated, depressed, or depressed. This is where yawning attacks. 

There is another interesting version: yawning helps to cool the brain and in that way improve its performance. Scientists say that the brain begins to work worse when overheated, and with the help of a yawning cold air is supplied to the body. 

Yawning as a response to "Overheating of the Brain" fits all its obvious actions. 

Maybe, therefore, we begin to yawn when going from the street to a warm room, and also after eating food, the digestion of which warms the body.

Infectious Yawning

It is worth seeing a yawning person - and you are yawning, hearing the sound of a yawn - the same thing, or you are reading a book and the hero is yawning - yawning too, you should even think about a yawn, sitting in an empty and dark room - there is a huge chance that you will surely yawn! 

With the amazing (able to be easily caught from others)ness of yawning is related to a proven fix (for a disease) for (cannot sleep). If you can not fall asleep, try to pretend to be yawning. Take a comfortable position, relax and yawn (more than two, but not a lot of) times, eyes closed and mouth wide open. Repeat this (more than two, but not a lot of) times, as if infecting yourself with a yawn. You do not have time to (understand/make real/achieve) that when (fake copy/pretending to be someone) yawns turn into a real process, and, maybe, a long-awaited dream will come to you.

Yawning And Etiquette

Yawning is often driven into frames defined by (proper behavior/rules of proper behavior). The onlookers catch on themselves the (not liking or agreeing with something) looks of those around them, yawn through tears, hide behind the first objects that come to hand. And then, again and again, trying to yawn. 

Yawning in the Islamic tradition is a sign of laziness and boredom. Therefore, Allah does not like to yawn, and Shaitan is happy about the sight of a yawning man. If you can not hold down and stop a yawn, you should at least cover your mouth with the back of your hand. 

So, if yawning overpowers you during the day while working or studying, this is a signal that it is time to open the window and secure/make sure of fresh cool air. It does not hurt to warm up a little: get up, walk, make a few bends and turns of the body. 

So, yawn from the heart, stretch and feel that the body is divided into two parts, the upper and the lower. Then take five deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Drink water, tea or lemonade. Do not rush to the coffee machine: a hot drink will not produce a cooling effect. Change the position in which you were. 

To successfully deal with the yawn in the morning, you need to wake up correctly. 

Do not get up sharply. Set the alarm with a margin of five to ten minutes and do some simple (hand/arm movements)/actions in bed. Remember how it happens on weekends: take a comfortable position, straighten your arms and legs, slowly and with pleasure stretch (more than two, but not a lot of) times. If you want to - yawn at the same time, only carefully. There are cases when, after an unsuccessful, too "emotional" yawn, people had to reposition the jaw.


After conducting my research, it turned out that the yawning effect on health is unusually positive:

1) enables the human body to replenish oxygen reserves;

2) allows you to breathe deeply;

3) activates blood circulation;

4) clears the mind-mind, cooling the brain;

5) supplies brain cells with energy;

6) promotes the activity of the lacrimal glands - dry eyes moisturize and feel much better after yawning;

7) relaxes the muscles of the jaws, temples, head in general, face, neck, neck, shoulders, abdomen, and chest;

8) improves mood and improves overall tone.

Yawning can reduce headaches in the temples. Nothing so invigorates and relieves muscle tension, like pleasant yawning with a sling all over!

The desire to yawn is a signal of the body about the need for an additional portion of energy.

To do this, stretch your whole body well, yawn with pleasure, exhale noisily and say to yourself: “Do not worry! All things will be done! I can handle it all! And now I am yawning and filling the body with a new portion of the energy that I so need! ”

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