What is Reproductive Endocrinology and How Does it Actually Work?

What is Reproductive Endocrinology and How Does it Actually Work?

Infertility problems can be seen in 1 out of every 5 women. It can happen because of a number of reasons such as Fallopian tube blockage, hormonal imbalance, PCOS, PCOD, and many other reasons. In many cases, the infertility reason remains unexplained. There are a number of fertility treatments can help couples to conceive. New hope in the fertility treatment is the Reproductive Endocrinology. 

This is mainly a branch of medicine that identifies, analyzes and treats the infertility issue in both women and men. If you’re in search of a trusted reproductive endocrinologist the NEO fertility center is the best option for you where you’ll find the best and experienced team of doctors. Here, we are going to emphasize the topic in a discreet manner. Let’s check it out. 

When to see a reproductive endocrinologist?

By hearing about the reproductive endocrinologist, many people will think-what is it all about? They have a lot of questions in their mind about the treatment. One of the most common questions that strike to them is- when to visit a reproductive endocrinologist. To clear this question, here’s a list of some reasons when you need to see the experts. Let’s have a close look at them:

When you tried one full year from conception

If you’ve been trying to conceive for the last 1 year, but not getting any result, then it is the best time to book an appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist. Every month, you get around 48 hours of peak time when you have higher chances of conception. This is called anovulation period. Thus, it may take a few months to conceive. But, if you’re able to conceive after one year, then it is better to consult a fertility expert.

A History of infertility or miscarriage

If you’re having 2 or more miscarriages in the past, then getting consultation and treatment from the reproductive endocrinologist is the best. Frequent miscarriage can be a reason for infertility. Therefore, it is always advised to get the treatment before it gets too late.

When a woman’s age is more than 35

This is very unfortunate that a woman’s body’s ability of conception decreases after the age of 35. With the passage of time, the egg quality and reserve decrease. Along with this, there will be hormonal imbalances. Thus, in the late 30s, it is a bit hard to conceive naturally. If you’re already 35 then there’s no point to waste time in waiting for 1 year for natural pregnancy. 

Irregular menstrual cycle

For conceiving naturally, you need to have a regular and proper menstrual cycle. Women who’re not getting a regular cycle every month might have chances of trouble in conceiving. If there will be no regular period then there will no ovulation without which conception is not possible.  Those who’re having irregular menstrual cycles are advised to visit the reproductive endocrinologist with 6 months of trying conceiving. Irregular periods can be a result of PCOS, PCOD, early menopause, ovarian cyst, and many other reasons. 

Having any kind of reproductive problems

There are a number of reproductive problems in both men and women that also causes infertility. Endometriosis, PID and tubal diseases are some common reproductive problems in women. Likewise, men also have different kinds of reproductive problems that need to be treated by the reproductive endocrinologist as soon as possible. 

Treatments for reproductive problems

No doubt, there are a number of reasons that can cause infertility in men and women. These problems require effective so that women can conceive. When you consult reproductive endocrinologists, they might offer you these treatments based on your history of infertility.

Gynecological surgeries

In many cases, there is an infertility problem that is caused by uterine fibroids, endometriosis and blocked Fallopian tubes. These problems require surgeries to conceive faster. If any of this issue is detected through laparoscopy or ultrasound, then surgeries are advised to the patients. 

Hormonal treatment

Another treatment that is offered by fertility specialists is hormonal treatment. In this treatment, hormones are utilized for the treatment of a few types of infertility such as PCOS and PCOD. Along with this, reproductive endocrinologist makes use of hormones along with other reproductive technology for the treatment of infertility.

Reproductive treatment along with IVF

This is a treatment which eggs and embryos are handled outside the body of the woman. This process is also known as in-vitro fertilization. The doctor removes the eggs from a woman’s uterus during the ovulation period and gets a sperm sample from the male partner or the donor. After this, the eggs are fertilized with the semen outside a woman’s body in a tube in the lab. Once the egg gets fertilized, these are then placed into the uterus of the women.

Thus, it is always advised to the couples to consult the fertility specialist to treat the fertility problems on time. Many people are still confused about how to find a trusted and the best reproductive endocrinologist as there’s the availability of a number of doctors and gynecologist. 

To clear this doubt, here’s a compilation of all the things that you need to consider while searching the best reproductive endocrinologist:

  • Always check out the experience and domain expertise of the doctors before finalizing them.
  • Have a look at the success rate of the treatment that they offer to the patients. 
  • What fee structure do they have? Don’t forget to compare the fee structure with other reproductive endocrinologists. 
  • Whenever searching for the reproductive endocrinologists, don’t forget to check out the facilities available at their clinic. 
  • Another important thing that you need to consider is the reviews of the service and treatment of the reproductive endocrinologist. For this, you can check on the internet. There’s the availability of a number of online forums from where you’ll come to know about the doctors from their previous patients

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