Nutritional Benefits Of Potatoes

Benefits Of Potatoes

The potato is a tuber native to America, which Columbus introduced into Europe and was used to treat many health problems. The potatoes have great healing properties, in traditional Chinese medicine, they use the potatoes as a food with great healing power. Potatoes are a very nutritious and tasty vegetable that can be consumed in many ways.

10 Benefits Of This Great Food

Nutritional Benefits Of Potatoes

1. To treat anemia: Potatoes provide a large amount of acidic and iron, so they are very good for treating anemia. Iron and folic acid are also very beneficial for the health and production of red blood cells in the body.

2. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory: The high content of minerals and organic salt that the potatoes contain make them a good anti-inflammatory for the organism. That is why it is very beneficial to treat arthritis and rheumatism. The best way to take it to treat inflammation is to cut a potato in half with the skin, and boil it. Once boiled drink a base of the resulting water in the morning before meals.

3. Reduce blood pressure: The potatoes contain large amounts of potassium, so they help lower the blood pressure of the body.

4. Helps relieve gout pain: Consuming juice of raw potatoes regularly helps reduce gout pain. If we mix the juice of raw potatoes with a little honey, it will help to detoxify the organism, and to eliminate more quickly the excess of uric acid from the organism.

5. Prevents constipation and hemorrhoids: Consuming boiled or steamed potatoes, it is very beneficial to moisturize the feces and make them softer, so it is recommended to eat potatoes to treat constipation and prevent the formation of hemorrhoids.

6. It is very beneficial for skin irritations: The potato has a great soothing, anti-irritant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is used in the treatment of rashes, burns and skin irritations. We have to apply a slice of raw potato in the burn or apply the juice of this on the area to be treated. The juice of the potato is used to treat a variety of skin irritations.

7. Relieves headaches: Regular consumption of raw potato juice helps relieve headaches.

8. Helps to treat hypertension and improve circulation: The skin of potatoes contains a large amount of chlorogenic acid, which acts as a great natural diuretic for the body. Therefore it is very beneficial to treat hypertension and improve the circulation of the body.

9. Prevents the formation of certain types of cancer: The chlorogenic acid that contains the skin of the potatoes, also prevents the mutation of normal cells to cancerous ones.

10. Remove dark circles from under the eyes: To eliminate dark circles from under eyes and dark circles, we have to apply thin slices of raw potato on them twice a day.

Some recommendations:

  • It is recommended to prepare the steamed or boiled potatoes because in this way we get that Vitamin C is conserved.
  • The liquid resulting from boiling the potatoes is highly recommended, as it provides a large number of minerals.
  • It is recommended to always cook potatoes with skin since most properties are found in it.

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