Mango Shake Benefits

Benefits Of Mango Shake

Mango has a high edible value and is rich in nutrients. Many people like it. Below I recommend a recipe for people who like to eat it - mango milkshake! Very nutritious, very suitable for spring and summer.

Mango Milkshake Recipe

There are 2 mangoes, 4 sand fruits, and condensed milk and ice cream.

First wash the fruit, peel the mango, cut the mango meat with a knife, cut into small pieces, take out the juicer, put the mango pieces into the juicer, start the juicer and break the mango, then Pour the mango puree into a glass, simmer four or five spoonfuls of ice cream, add the mango pieces, start the juicer to mix the ice cream and the mango, then slowly mix the mixture of ice cream and mango into the glass. Cut the pieces, go to the nucleus, cut a little ginger, cut the ginger into small Ding, put the sand fruit pieces and ginger together in the juicer, break it, and pour it into the glass with a spoon, so that there are already three different layers in the glass. Fruit, and then squeezed into condensed milk, the delicious and delicious mango milkshake is finished!


1. Place the mango and yogurt in the fridge a while in advance and make the milkshake easier.

2. You can also replace yogurt with milk or condensed milk, add ice quickly, ice cream and other raw materials to your personal taste.

3. This drink cannot drink on an empty stomach, it is not appropriate for drinking gastrointestinal cold and diarrhea.

4. Mango contained in mango has the impact of cough and dysentery and has an adjunct therapeutic effect on cough and asthma. The fruit of mango includes Triacetic acid and polyphenolic compounds such as mango keto acid and alkyd iso-mango and has pharmacological impacts on cancer. The sugar and vitamin content of mango is very wealthy, with a definite impact, particularly the original content of vitamin A is the first location in the fruit. Mango includes a lot of vitamins and eats mangoes that can humidify the skin. Mango has the impact of clearing the stomach and intestines and has some antiemetic impacts on the illness of movement and seasickness.

5. The impact of yogurt is to promote stomach secretion, boost appetite, and reinforce digestion. Yogurt can break down lactose and milk protein, making the body more digestible and more absorbable. Yogurt can retain the intestinal flora's ecological equilibrium, form a biological barrier, and prevent entry into the intestinal tract by harmful bacteria. Constipation is avoided by generating big quantities of short-chain fatty acids to encourage intestinal peristalsis and large-scale bacterial growth to alter osmotic pressure. Yogurt can inhibit the development of saprophytic bacteria in the intestines and decrease the toxins in the intestines generated by the spoilage bacteria to protect the liver and brain against these toxins and to stop aging.

6. Honey is a natural food, sweet taste, containing monosaccharide, can be absorbed by the body without digestion, and has a good health impact for females, young kids, particularly the elderly, so it is called "baby milk." Honey is a naturally nourishing nutritious food and one of the most frequently used tonics. It has nutritional, moisturizing, detoxifying, whitening and nourishing features.

Mango Shake Benefits

Mango beneficial effects of mango on the stomach, vomiting, dizziness, dizziness, Meniere's syndrome, high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, vomiting. Regardless of the boat, after suffering from a bumpy chest, the mango may be a "medicine." Pregnant women on the chest, disgusting, eating meat or frying mango water consumption.

Mango is one of the few protein-rich fruits to eat. In addition, it can lower cholesterol, so it has a slimming effect.

Mango has ancillary and antitussive effects, cough, cough, and asthma.

Conclusion: The practice of mango milkshake is very simple. It can be done very well with a little practice. There are many mangoes, which are very delicious. People who like it can go online to find it.

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