What is The Cause of Dandruff?

What is The Cause of Dandruff

How to do shampoo every day? What is the cause of this? Every day, I’m going crazy, don’t worry, I’ll find the reason and solution for you today!

  • Specifically, it can be divided into the following points
  • Due to the abnormal proliferation of scalp keratinocytes, resulting in the production of dandruff.
  • The scalp secretes too much sebum, mixed with dust and other things, over time, after the dry, it forms dandruff.
  • People with strong metabolism and mental workers are more likely to develop dandruff.
  • The lack of vitamin B in the body can also lead to more dandruff.
In addition, some external factors such as climate change, eating irritating food, lack of sleep, excessive drinking, excessive mental stress, hormonal imbalance in the body, poor blood circulation in the body and other reasons can cause excessive dandruff.

What is the specific cause of dandruff?

The replacement period of normal human scalp cells is 28 days. After the skin cells are fully mature, the tiny cells that are invisible to the naked eye are peeled off. However, the abnormal condition is the scalp with dandruff, and the replacement period is about 14 days to 21 days. Immature cells reach the top of the skin and then flaking with visible debris to form dandruff.

Fungi and microorganisms are one of the main causes of dandruff, the most common one being Pityrosporum. It feeds on sebum and then excretes irritating by-products that speed up cell growth and turnover. In addition, mental stress, nutritional imbalance, and other conditions will promote the formation of dandruff to varying degrees.

Most of dandruff occurs in young and middle-aged people, children and the elderly. What is the reason? Young people and young people are in the most prosperous period of life. Their busy work, stress, lack of normal working hours and good diet, combined with environmental pollution, will increase dandruff.

Not dandruff but skin disease

Some people have symptoms of redness on their scalp, but most people are unable to detect or let go because they do not cause itching. In addition, some people's eyebrows, around the nose, behind the ears, under the armpits, the chest between the two milk parts will also appear excessive sebum secretion, dandruff-like dandruff generally fall. When this happens, you should be alert, it is not just dandruff, but skin diseases that bother you!

The term "dandruff" refers to a mixture of keratinocytes and sebum exfoliated from the scalp. It is a scaly white waste substance, and once it is increased in a large amount, significant dandruff disease occurs. However, once other parts of the body also have the same peeling symptoms as the scalp, it should be considered liposuction dermatitis.

Lipid dermatitis is a skin disease caused by the common fungus Malassezia attached to the skin. Malassezia is attached to everyone's skin and does not cause skin inflammation under normal conditions. However, if the fungus grows abnormally for some reason, the components of the sebum decompose the fungal product to cause irritation to the skin, forming a liposuction dermatitis. The most obvious symptom is the massive shedding of skin debris. Not only the scalp area, but also the area of ​​sebum secretion, such as between the eyebrows, around the nose, behind the ears, under the armpits, and between the breasts, can also show the same symptoms of dandruff shedding.

Under normal circumstances, alcohol intake, liver dysfunction, lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, excessive stress, and other lifestyle habits can easily lead to the deterioration of liposuction dermatitis, so the incidence of this disease will increase with age. Relatively speaking, men with strong sebum secretion are more likely to suffer from liposuction dermatitis, but there are also a few women suffering from this disease.

Lipid dermatitis easily causes a lot of hair to fall off

Most people ignore the treatment of liposuction dermatitis because the scalp does not itch, but if left unchecked, once the head is scratched, it will cause the blood vessels to dilate, the scalp redness and itching will worsen, and the inflammation will worsen, even if it is lightly grasped. It can also cause a lot of hair loss. However, as long as you pay attention to it, go to the dermatology clinic, follow the doctor's advice to control with drugs, you can improve the symptoms, and at the same time with your daily health care, you can completely get rid of the threat of liposuction dermatitis!

Cause of Dandruff

Daily five strokes of hair care

1. After washing your hair, learn to use a hair dryer to prevent hair loss.

After washing your hair, don't dry it with a towel. It is best to use a hair dryer to dry the hair and scalp with warm air. Finally, change the cold air to the head, so that the scalp cuticle will be tightened quickly. Hair falls off.

2. Properly moisturize the scalp

The drier the skin, the more sebum is secreted. Therefore, keeping the scalp moist can inhibit the aggravation of symptoms to a certain extent. After washing your hair, apply a special scalp moisturizer to the scalp, and do not use a special scalp massage to allow the moisturizer to fuse with the scalp.

3. More intake of vitamin B2 and vitamin B6

When eating a diet, you should consciously eat more foods rich in vitamins B2 and B6. Foods high in vitamin B2 include pork, steak, roasted laver, dried shiitake mushrooms, almonds, etc. These foods promote lipid metabolism and decompose harmful peroxidized lipids. Foods rich in vitamin B6 include garlic, tuna, and squid, which prevent fatty liver caused by excessive drinking and promote lipid metabolism.

4. Enhance body immunity

To prevent the abnormal reproduction of fungi, the immunity of the body is very important. 70% of the body's immune function is dominated by the intestine, so prevention of constipation is very important. You can eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, promote intestinal health and improve immunity.

5. Regular and healthy life helps scalp health

Control alcohol intake, maintain adequate sleep, reduce your stress as much as possible, and more. Such a regular and healthy lifestyle is very important for the treatment of liposuction dermatitis and is extremely effective.

6 Small tips for dandruff

After each shampoo, rinse the scalp with two cups of cold water diluted with vinegar. Or, before each shampoo, sprinkle 3 tablespoons of vinegar on your hair. After a minute of massage, rinse off with water. Then shampoo with shampoo.

The method of using beer to remove dandruff is similar to the method of using water and vinegar, which is also the best way to remove dandruff, which is quite practical. Add a proper amount of beer in the water, mix well and wash the hair with beer water. If you insist on washing your hair with beer water for half a month, dandruff will naturally disappear and nourish the hair.

If the scalp itch is scratching your ears, spread two tablespoons of lemon juice on the scalp, massage gently, then rinse off with water. Then pour a tablespoon of lemon juice into a glass of water and rinse your hair. Every time you stick to it, not only does dandruff no longer bother you, but the hair also emits a lemony scent.

Fresh sesame leaves
Take fresh sesame leaves 1000 grams, Jianshui 6000 ml, wash once every 3 days, wash 7 times for 1 course of treatment, severe symptoms can be 2 to 3 courses.

Ginger water
Use ginger water to clean the hair. Also, pick fresh ginger, cut the ginger into thin slices and soak in the kettle, boil the water, remove the ginger slices from the boiling water, wash the hair with the boiled ginger water, then gently use the ginger slices. Wiping the hair can play a good dandruff effect.

Baking powder
First, wet the hair, then grab a small amount of baking powder on the hair, try to make the baking powder contact the scalp, remember not to use shampoo. At first, the hair may become very dry, but after a few weeks, the scalp begins to secrete natural oils, bid farewell to dandruff troubles, and the hair will become supple.

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