Boiled Egg Benefits

Eggs may have received a bad name in the past, but recent research is beginning to show how good they are. The publication "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" found no evidence among people who eat eggs and heart attacks. You can eat eggs in many ways, but the boiled egg is a healthy and simple to prepare food that can be eaten anywhere.

Boiled Egg Health Benefits

Boiled Egg For Eyes, Hair, and Nails

Health diaries suggest that eggs are especially beneficial for the eyes. Eating an egg every day can prevent macular degeneration because the eggs contain the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients are found in eggs more than other sources of food. Egg consumption can also reduce the risk of cataracts. Eggs also contain a high sulfur content and are a good source of vitamin D, along with other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This helps hair and nails grow healthy.

Boiled Egg For Brain

Eggs can be good for brain function because they contain choline. Choline is a nutrient that regulates the nervous system, the brain, and cardiovascular health. It helps maintain the structure of brain cell membranes, which helps to transmit messages from the brain to nerves and muscles.It also helps pregnant women with fetal brain development and prevents birth defects. The website suggests that they are also one of the few foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are specifically from the DHA and DPA chain. These fatty acids help the memory and other functions of the brain and also protect against disease and improve mood. These healthy fats also benefit the heart and blood vessels.

Boiled Egg For Weight Control

Eggs are a source of quality protein. Proteins help provide energy to the body and make you feel satisfied longer. Eggs are also low in saturated fat and can be considered as lean protein, since they contain only 70 calories each, according to the Incredible Edible Egg website. Lean proteins are a vital component for weight control when they are accompanied by fresh vegetables and whole grains. Eggs can also help build muscle strength and prevent the loss of muscle mass.

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