Banana Potassium Level

Potassium Level of banana

Banana, a potassium mine and healing properties too little known. This nutritious fruit is very interesting for its richness in potassium which makes it an ally to fight against hypertension.

This tropical fruit that grows all year is offered to us at a price that makes it easily accessible to all. The banana is mostly sold just barely mature. To take advantage of these nutritious and medicinal benefits, however, it is necessary to consume it well ripe. Fortunately, it is easy to cause a rapid ripening of this fruit. For example by placing bananas in a paper bag with an apple.

It is also best to peel the banana for a moment before eating it or crushing the fruit. A crushed banana ripens quickly, direct contact with oxygen rapidly transforms starches into assimilable sugars.

Because of its high carbohydrate content and various other mineral elements, including a high proportion of potassium, bananas are a recommended food for athletes. With around 100 calories for a medium-sized banana, it is not as caloric as commonly thought, and with a glycemic index of 50, banana is found in foods that do not cause too rapid rise blood sugar level. it may sound strange, but banana is very rich in fiber, which reduces the rate of carbohydrate absorption.

Cardiovascular system

Its richness of potassium makes it an ally to fight against hypertension. A banana can provide up to 360 milligrams of potassium. Studies have shown that people who eat potassium-rich foods have a lower risk of developing hypertension. Even people who already have hypertension can improve their condition and probably be less dependent on drugs by consuming more bananas

The control of hypertension is probably achieved by preventing the formation of atheroma plaques on the walls of our arteries.

Protect the digestive system

But banana has other properties, especially in the digestive tract. Although we can not really explain this property, it seems that banana has antacid properties. It would even appear that banana has properties favorable to the treatment of ulcers of the stomach.

By an antibacterial action, it would have the capacity to protect bacteria which can cause the appearance of the ulcer. In addition, it stimulates the production of mucus that helps protect fatty acids from coming into contact with the lining of the stomach.

The banana will be very useful also during severe diarrhea. In such a case it is important to replace any lost fluids and electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that transform into the body into electrically charged particles that help regulate a large number of internal processes, from muscle contractions and fluid balance to heartbeat. Banana has everything to provide the body with these precious nutrients.

Fight against stress

The mineral richness of bananas, but especially nutrients, such as tryptophan, which act on the serotonin, a hormone that promotes relaxation and good mood. Banana promotes stress control.

Organic Bananas: We find them more and more on the market, it is always the best choice, but do not deprive yourself of eating bananas, even if they are not organic!

Note that the plantain, which belongs to the same family as bananas, has in an even more remarkable proportion the same qualities as a banana. We will come back soon.

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