Weight Loss: How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

How to lose belly fat quickly

We have seen previously how a probiotic cure can help you get rid of bloating and constipation, which already gives you a flatter stomach! However bloating is one thing and belly fat is another and for the second case, nothing better than a good detox juice filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements that the body needs, which requires little digestion effort but that will work your organs to help you burn more fat.

How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly
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My special recipe that I developed, tested and approved consists of 3 fruits and 2 vegetables particularly beneficial for the abdominal area. This drink will help you not only to eliminate bloating, water retention but also and especially to burn belly fat!

Pineapple: in addition to the many vitamins and minerals it contains (vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, manganese, thiamine), pineapple contains a unique enzyme called bromelain that helps relieve digestive disorders by eliminating abdominal inflammation as well as water retention. On the other hand, pineapple is a catabolic food which means that the body spends more calories for digestion than the number of calories it contains, which allows you to burn excess fat!

Oranges: the orange favors the digestion and allows the dissolution of the accumulated residues in the organs. Its high content of citric acid helps fight stress and fight against infections.

Lemon: Thanks to this article on the lemon diet , you already know all the benefits of lemon for the loss of fat. But basically, the lemon is a hyper detox fruit, which allows a great internal cleansing by eliminating toxins and burning fat.

Celery: made of 95% water, low in calories, celery is probably the best food both detox and hunger that exists! It has antibacterial properties, improves renal activity, is rich in sodium (hence the effect of satiety) and vitamin B1, B2, B6.

Parsley: Parsley is a very powerful aromatic herb that helps reduce inflammation of the colon and cleanse the liver and kidneys.

For the recipe, you will need:

- 1 big pineapple head

- 4 oranges

- A lemon

- ½ bunch of parsley

- 4 celery stalks

Pass all the ingredients in a juice extractor and presto, your magic potion is ready. You get 1 liter of juice and I particularly I add ½ liter of water to the mixture and I drink 2 glasses in the morning on an empty stomach and then the rest throughout the day! This drink is an excellent digestive, relaxes the muscles, gets rid of bloating and burns belly fat! You will also notice that your face is brighter and less oily (for those with oily skin). You can clearly adopt this natural drink and extremely detoxifying daily, without limitation on the duration but you will note the first results from the first week, yes! because it's not only about having the right ingredients but also and above all about consuming enough juice!

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