Pregnancy Symptoms : Signs That Indicate That You Are Probably Pregnant

Your period should not come before a week but your sixth sense tells you that this time, your baby's desire will come true. And if you pay attention to the small signs of pregnancy?

Pregnancy Symptoms
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You Are Very Very Tired

This is probably the symptom most commonly shared by pregnant women. Even in the early days of pregnancy, your body is preparing for the future changes it will face. If sudden tiredness falls on you while you have not changed your bedtime or waking here, it is probably that you are "sleeping for two".

You Feel Barbed

Nothing to do with the morning sickness that, in a few weeks, will force you to rush to the bathroom as soon as you put your foot down in the morning. You do not feel like throwing up, but you feel smeared as if yesterday's dinner had a hard time passing. And that unpleasant sensation can fall on you anytime in the day. Doctors think this is the first indication of the hormonal changes your body has undergone in pregnancy.

Your Support Is Too Tight

The levels of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin are on the rise: all these hormonal fluctuations have immediate repercussions on your chest. Your breasts are heavier than usual as if you were suffering from the pre-menstrual syndrome, and you feel uncomfortable in your bra. If you pay attention, you will also find that the areolas of your breasts are darker than usual.

Your Temperature Is A Higher Tantinet

When you ovulate, your body temperature rises by half a degree thanks to a surge of progesterone. It then goes back down when the rules appear. But if you are pregnant, the progesterone level will remain high and your temperature too. The difference is too small for you to feel, like when you have a fever. But if you take your temperature every morning to wake up to know your ovulation days, it's something you've probably noticed.

You Lose A Little Blood

Your period should not come for a week and yet you have noticed some blood stains on your underwear. Especially do not worry: it is perfectly normal to lose some blood after conception and this is not worrying. This happens to about one in three women: the doctors call them "implantation bleeding". They are part of the warning signs of pregnancy: when the egg is implanted in the uterine lining, it sometimes damages the mucosa, which causes bleeding.

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