Lower Chest Workouts

How to muscle the bottom of the pecs?

It is possible to stimulate the lower part of the chest, choosing specific exercises, although it is actually rarely useful to do so because the bottom of the pecs is almost never late

Chest Workout

To summarize: to define which pectoral exercises to use to effectively target the lower pectorals, it's simple: the arm must be moved in a lower angle to the shoulder, so the arms lower than the shoulders.

Developed lying down to strengthen the pecs?

First of all, you must have the right exercises. The barbell bench press or dumbbells are great for boosting the overall pectoral mass, but you will need to use several movements declined if you really want to beef up the pecs, even though in most people it will be quite useless.

Or, you can keep these exercises, but down bar/dumbbell on the bottom of the pecs instead of going down in the middle of the pecs. This is an excellent solution, because it will allow you to less stress the joints of your shoulders, and thus limit the risk of injury. Indeed, having elbows too high, down the bar too close to the neck, we significantly increase the stress on the shoulders, and therefore at the same time the risk of injury.

Dips parallel bars for the bottom of the pecs?

This exercise is effective for targeting lower pectorals, especially if you perform it with your torso tilted forward and engaged wide enough. If you are able to perform more than 12 repetitions in this exercise, add ballast.

Be careful to lean forward, because the more vertical you are, the more the triceps will intervene. And as here we want to work in priority the pectorals, we must be careful to spread our elbows and to bend forward.

Developed barbell or dumbbell declined

Lower chest workout with dumbbells. You will need a bench that can be declined from 10 to 30 degrees for best results. Make sure your feet are securely anchored and your head is lower than the hips.

The bar should arrive directly on the lower part of the chest, so at the junction between your pecs and your abdominals. This is clearly the most effective exercise for working the lower chest. Generally, in this position has much more strength, and in addition, it can be a very interesting alternative solution if you have shoulder pain when working on developing bedtime.

Cross-over high pulley: pulley opposite

Adjustable pulleys attached to head height, grab a handgrip in each hand, lean your body slightly forward and place your feet in a staggered manner.

Keep your arms slightly bent, pull your arms down and inward until your hands meet in front of your waist. If you do not have access to a pulley station, you can make recessed spreads declined.

Other things to consider:

Look at your elbows

Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle, away from your body, at the time of the lower part of the movements. This will ensure that the chest muscles are forced to contract and that other groups of supporting muscles such as the triceps and shoulders do not do more than their fair share of the work.

Attention, this is what is optimum. But not all morphologies can put it into practice without hurting themselves.

The pecs must contract

Look in a mirror, your deltoids should remain stationary (do not move, or move forward) while your pectorals contract, and even at the end of the movement.

Many bodybuilders have impressive shoulders and triceps, but weak chest muscles, as their pecs remain inert during pectoral-specific movements, while the shoulders move.

Your pecs should contract at the top and bottom of each pushing movement, while your shoulders should stay back. Although not very natural, it is essential for maximizing pectoral strength while reducing the risk of a shoulder injury.

Should we work at the bottom of the pecs?

But be careful, note that most of us are already ahead of the bottom of the pecs compared to the top. It is therefore rarely necessary to look for an exercise for the lower chest.

So unless you have a level already advanced, and can certify that you really have a delay in this area, this type of work will be useless. Except for special case as quoted above if you have sore shoulders on the classic lying down. So if you are beginners or you generally lack muscle mass at the pectoral, no need to try to locate on the lower part.

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