How To Soften Butter Quickly

You embark on a superb pastry recipe dressed in your finest apron and boundless determination. And in full recipe, you realize that you forgot to take the butter out of the fridge! But the recipe says "soft butter", not melted nor liquid.
Soften Butter Quickly

Your butter has about the look and feel of the iceberg that made the Titanic flow?

Do not panic! I share with you a little tip that works perfectly! An extremely simple and quick way to soften your butter in a quarter turn ... literally!

You only need a bowl, a microwave and ... butter (because I want to help you but I'm not a magician either!).


  • Butter


In a bowl, put the amount of butter needed for your recipe in one piece.

Put the bowl in the microwave at the power you usually use (at home 800w) and heat for 10 seconds (if your microwave is very powerful, lower a little power).

Turn the butter a quarter of a turn (on the next side turning it to the right for example) and warm up 10 seconds again.

Repeat the process until the desired texture is obtained, taking care to turn the butter a quarter of a turn each time. Be careful not to melt it!

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