How To Melt Chocolate

Eating chocolate is a delicious little treat that we make from time to time. However, this food can be used in countless recipes, including some desserts. It is sometimes necessary to melt the chocolate before using it, a simple technique that needs to be particularly careful not to burn the chocolate. In this article about everything, we explain to you what are the steps to know how to melt chocolate correctly.

  •  Chocolate to melt
You will need:
  •  Water
  •  A glass bowl or a small saucepan
  •  A bigger big pan
  •  Spoon
Steps to melt chocolate:

First, know that there are chocolates on the market that are specially designed to be melted. You can surely find it under the name of "Chocolate to melt" or "Chocolate dessert". If possible, we recommend using this type of chocolate to melt.

To melt the chocolate, cut it into small pieces with a knife. Be careful not to hurt yourself, since some of these chocolates are very hard: you could hurt yourself.

You can choose to melt the chocolate by following one of these techniques:
- In a bain-marie: the most traditional and efficient method.
- In the microwave: the fastest method, but the most difficult to apply.

To melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, place your pieces of chocolate in a glass bowl or other heat-resistant bowl or use a small saucepan.

Also, take a larger saucepan, add water, then put your bowl or pan of chocolate on the larger pan.

Put the large saucepan over medium or low heat to prevent the chocolate from burning. When the chocolate begins to melt, stir it with a spoon or other utensil.

After a few minutes, the chocolate will be completely melted and you can remove it from the heat and do not burn yourself with the glass bowl or the pots, which will be very hot.

If you want to melt the chocolate in the microwave, you have to choose a suitable container to put your chocolate. It will have to be adapted to the microwaves and besides, you will have to maintain the right temperature to melt the chocolate. Otherwise, in case of overheating, you will burn the chocolate. It is recommended to set the microwaves at medium temperature and melt the chocolate for short periods of time to finally get melted chocolate.

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