How To Get Rid Of Oily Nose

These Tips Will Help You to Rid of Oily Skin

The nose is the first to be filled with fat throughout the day, especially if we have mixed skin. The problem is that it is a big focus and if it shines too much it is the first thing you see when someone talks to you face to face. That is why it is important to apply these remedies to prevent grease from accumulating in the nose.

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I have mixed skin, but the particularly oily nose. The truth is that I had not seemed a problem until a couple of years ago when I discovered that, although the rest of my face was free of shine, my nose seemed a point of light permanently lit, something that is reflected enough in the cameras and the pictures.

During these years I have tried many remedies to control the oil of my skin, especially my nose. This is what I was learning:

1. Everything we eat is reflected directly in our skin, so the more fat your food has, the more fat your pores have to secrete. The idea is to change the fact that we regularly consume more healthy fats such as avocado, peanuts, almonds, and olive oil.

2. The hydration of the skin comes from inside so 2 liters of water per day so that everything works correctly.

3. The cleaning routine is basic to keep the pores free of impurities. For me, there is no longer the possibility of going to sleep without removing makeup and every day I use a cleanser to wash my face.

4. Glossy blush and bronzer formulas are not for me.

5. Moisturizing creams do not work on oily skin, choose moisturizers.

6. The amount of fat that occurs on our face varies according to your menstrual cycle.

7. All products work as long as they are used correctly and as part of a daily routine, if you use them once a month do not expect to see results. Like everything in life girls, constancy and then we will see that everything improves.

And, as you can imagine, I've tried lots of products to control my oily nose problem. In the end, I was left with those that I felt worked best for me, although fortunately, new things are always coming out that we can try.

Daily cleaning: Every day I wash my face with the Vichy cleanser, of its Normaderm line for oily skin. Then I use the pore minimizing cleaner of the Bioré Natural Coal line that has exfoliating microcrystals that polish the skin and diminish the appearance of the pores. This is in the morning, at night I use a deep cleanser from Origins, from Dr. Weil's line, Mushroom Skin Relief. When this is over or I can not find it in the store I use the Garnier cleaner from its Pure Active line, especially for oily or combination skin. Both work perfectly.

Topic: In the mornings, after bathing, I pass cotton with the traditional Clinique tonic, that of the pink bottle, to close the pores well. At night, after washing my face, I use a purifying astringent tonic of Normaderm, from Vichy.

Weekly masks: Every week (on Saturdays, usually) I put on a mask of Clinique made with coal called Pore Refining Solutions, this is applied after a good deep exfoliation that I do with a honey mask and a little bit of sugar. The original recipe had 1 tablespoon of sugar, but I have been reducing it because the shape of the crystals can damage the skin rather than helping it, so they should measure the amount they need so that they do not feel that the sugar is scratching the skin, Massage gently in conjunction with honey.

Moisturizers: One of the great lessons I have learned with this problem of the shiny nose is that moisturizing creams do not help at all. It is better to choose moisturizing creams, there are even some that have mattifying effects, such as the Hydra-Total 5 of L'Oréal. I use it on the days when I am ovulating and 2 days before I get off, which are the days when my face feels so greasy.

Daily make-up: I use a BB Cream from Vichy, from its line Normaderm, BB Clear. Garnier of the Pure Active line also worked quite well for me.

A basic to solve this problem are the rice paper sheets that you can bring in your bag and use every time you feel that fat begins to be a notorious problem in your face. In addition, after applying the slips of paper, I put on a little translucent powder based on Ere Pérez corn, the line of organic cosmetics.

The Natural Secret

All the products that I tell have worked for me and I feel that my nose shines less, much less than before. But if you are one of those who bet more on home and natural remedies, the exfoliation with honey and sugar will serve them, but the secret ingredient is ...

Vinegar For Oily Nose

Every Saturday, take a cotton ball with white vinegar through your nose. It does not smell rich, but it works like magic. If at first, they feel they need to do it more often, do it up to 3 times a week, but the vinegar helps to control gradually the production of sebum, so eventually, they will not need to apply it more than 1 time.

My Favorite Remedy For Oily Nose

If the smell of vinegar does not love them but they do not want to invest in 200 products either, invest in My favorite remedy and the one that marked a before (nose with which you can draw a circle of fat) and a later one (fairly acceptable nose until 6 o'clock in the afternoon) was also from the Bioré Natural Coal line.

Deep cleaning bands with Natural Coal have coal dust and reduce grease considerably. They eliminate the obstructions and little by little you see that the pores and the black points are disappearing and during the first 24 hours after applying them you will see your nose totally paired with the rest of your face. I started using them once a week, but I liked the effect so much that I increased to  After 2 months of continuous use, I felt a great improvement in brightness so I went back to using them once a week.

Each skin is different and what works for us does not necessarily work for the others, but they can try 1 or two products and see what helps them best. From the list that I put there are things that are super accessible for any budget and remember that perseverance is the only thing that really works.

What other products are known to combat oily nose? Does it bother you that your nose shines as much as I do, or am I the only one who looks at that?