Benefits Of Lentils

The lentils, like the rest of legumes, form a fundamental pillar at the base of our Mediterranean diet.

The Castilian blonde lentil is the lentejon, the Verdana lentil, the lentil of a greenish color (or a lentil of caviar), the typical black lentil, the Armu├▒a lentile, etc. There are many lentils.

benefits of lentils

Due to the beneficial properties of lentils, it is recommended that they be part of the diet of all groups of the population (children, adults, elderly, athletes, pregnant women).

Nutritional content

Rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates, highlighting the starch.

Proteins, high quality although incomplete because it is deficient in the essential amino acid methionine. Therefore, to obtain a perfect protein, we recommend the consumption of lentils along with cereals that do provide this amino acid (rice, quinoa, oats, wheat).

Low amount of fats and those that contribute are healthy (mainly polyunsaturated fatty acids).
A high amount of fiber.

It contains a large number of vitamins, among which the vitamins of group B ( B1 , B2 , B3 , B6 ) and folic acid.

As for the minerals, they are rich in iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and selenium.

Healthy properties

Due to its nutritional content, lentils are a fundamental food because they provide a multitude of health benefits.

1. Constipation
Thanks to its high fiber content that regulates intestinal transit.

2. Diabetes
It is a beneficial food for diabetics because of the content of complete carbohydrates, which will be absorbed slowly, as well as the presence of fiber to regulate blood glucose levels.

3. Cardiovascular health
They are recommended food to take care of the heart, due to the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids and fiber that will help, among other things, to lower blood cholesterol.

4. Pregnancy
The content of zinc, iron and folic acid among others makes it a perfect food in the gestation stage.

5. Athletes
It is an energy food that provides energy for an extra period of time.

6. Vegetarian food
Ideal for those who have a vegetarian or vegan diet, lentils are a source of nutrients such as iron.

7. Anemia
They are an ally in cases of anemia, since, as we have said, they contribute a high amount of iron. For a greater absorption of this mineral (since the iron of vegetable foods is absorbed worse than the iron present in animal foods) the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C (strawberries, oranges, tangerines ...) is recommended.

8. Skin, nail and hair care
For the presence of vitamins and minerals essential for maintenance in good condition.

9. Antioxidants
The content of vitamin A and vitamin E makes it an antioxidant food that delays the onset of degenerative diseases.

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