The Most Frequent Causes Of Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by excessive production of sebum; a problem that is known as seborrhea. This type of skin is especially prone to acne and is usually harder to clean, so you need special care. Knowing the causes of oily skin allows a more adequate treatment to alleviate its effects. We review the main reasons for the excess of fat in the skin.
Causes Of Oily Skin
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Causes of oily skin


Genetics also determines our skin type. The sebaceous secretion is controlled by hormones, and the responses of the sebaceous glands these hormones is conditioned by the genes. According to our genes we will produce more or less sebum. If the cause is genetic, the solution goes through a routine of care appropriate to the type of skin.

Hormonal changes

During puberty and other life events, hormonal fluctuations can cause an increase in androgen levels. Androgens are male hormones present in men and women that signal the maturation of the sebaceous glands of the skin. As these glands mature, the production of sebum increases.

When excess sebum is trapped in the pore and combined with dead skin cells and bacteria, all kinds of imperfections such as pimples or black spots occur. In this case the skin usually returns to its natural appearance when hormonal changes cease, as everyone who has passed through adolescence knows.


Stress makes us sweat, so a person living with a high level of stress during 24 hours a day will have more problems of oily skin. The reason why we sweat when we are under stress is not yet clear. Many experts believe that it could be an evolutionary defense mechanism. Primitive men sweated in a dangerous situation, making it harder for the enemy to hold them.
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Environmental Causes

Excess moisture causes the skin to sweat and become greasy. In the same way, diet influences the production of sebum. Experts recommend avoiding fatty meats, added sugars, refined flour and excess salt.


The skin is constantly changing and a rather dry skin may become more greasy over time. The reason is in hormonal or environmental changes. These changes can be reversible.

As you can see, there are many causes why a skin can be or become fat. In Isseimi we have cosmetics specially designed for this type of skin, such as O3 Depur Ozone.

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