How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally In A Week

You do not have excellent genes for perfect skin

We all know her: the woman who has incredible skin (seriously, where her wrinkles are), who makes you wonder if she has used witchcraft, or only because she has a very good dermatologist. What happens is that his face is full of secrets, and we are here to reveal them.

Get Glowing Skin Naturally In A Week
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Show a perfect skin is not only a matter of aesthetics, look good, but to have a healthy skin, and soft makeup or without makeup look good. Probably, it is believed that you have to invest too much money to achieve this, however, it is possible to just follow certain tips.

Our skin reflects a lot, whether we are healthy or not, and especially the skin of the face, currently, there are many factors that make our skin is not healthy, from hormonal changes, fatigue, the passage of time, premature aging, pregnancy, and/or to the type of skin we have.

Achieving perfect skin can be an easy task, just try to make it so, here are some tips to achieve this in a few days:

Step 1: Keep your skin clean

In general, and because of the accelerated lifestyle that it takes, sometimes you do not take enough time to clean and maintain a good hygiene of the skin, especially the face, so you can start with modify or adopt this habit at the end of each day, you have a good cleaning, although currently there are many products such as cleansing lotions, exfoliants, make-up removers, can be useful, however, many of them, and especially depending on the type of skin you have may irritate or damage your skin.

Therefore, opt for the natural, wash your face will not only help keep it clean, but also be hydrated, buy a soap containing natural ingredients and only use it to cleanse the skin of your face.

Step 2: Exfoliate your skin

Although there is a wide range of products such as exfoliants with various ingredients and that promise to achieve perfect skin, you can opt for the natural, some products such as sugar, bicarbonate, salt, etc. they will help by their properties to be able to free the skin of dead cells and impurities that have accumulated.

Here the best exfoliants that you can use to achieve perfect skin:

In addition to being completely natural, these recipes are homemade and you can prepare them with ingredients you probably have at home:

Option 1: Brown sugar

Brown sugar is one of the favorite ingredients to exfoliate the skin effectively, you only need sugar and a little water, you can use it on the skin of your face or arms, it is very easy to prepare this mask, you just need to put a spoonful or two of granulated sugar, this amount will depend on the part of skin you exfoliate, add a little water, you just need to give a circular massage, be careful not to rub too much, your skin should be moist to apply this remedy, let it rest for 15 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Option 2: brown sugar with juices of half a lemon

Another good option to prepare a homemade scrub and achieve the goal of perfect skin, is using brown sugar again, but now adding the half lemon juice, do the same, on your wet skin, massage circular and let act Mix with at least five minutes. Then, rinse with warm water.

Option 3: Granulated sugar with olive oil

The granulated sugar now mixed with olive oil, will be an excellent option to achieve a perfect skin not only the face will look beautiful and soft, but also the skin of the entire body. You will need a little more amount of sugar, ½ cup small, and about three tablespoons of olive oil, if you have extra virgin better yet. You only need to mix this well until you get a pastry, apply on your wet body, giving circular massages, a good way to do this, is to apply it before bathing, let act a few minutes and you can already shower normally.

You can prepare another exfoliant for the whole body, just by changing the sugar ingredient instead of this, you can use sea salt, and you will get the same benefits.

Ready, now you have several alternatives to prepare exfoliants, completely natural and homemade, there are many other ingredients such as honey, oats, coffee, baking soda, which you can use to prepare them and have a perfect skin, without spending or investing large amounts of money in products.

Exfoliating function

The function of exfoliating is to help keep skin healthy, as well as clean and free of impurities, to be able to achieve perfect skin, it is essential to exfoliate it since it improves the texture of it, unclogs pores, and even helps fight wrinkles and lines of expression, activates circulation.

Remember, do not exfoliate on dry skin, always have to be wet, also should not be daily, once a week is enough.

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Step 3: Use a natural tonic

To achieve perfect skin, it is very important to use a tonic, and as mentioned, it is a very good option, to keep the skin perfect, you must use them daily, activate the skin and help keep it clean and fresh. This tonic is very useful to be able to use them after an exfoliation helps to close the pores, tones and refreshes the skin. You can prepare, just like homemade scrubs, your own natural tonics with various ingredients:

Option 1: Rosewater toner

You can prepare a tonic of rose water, it's very simple, just get fresh rose petals and put them to boil a little water, and then you can strain the mixture and reserve it in a glass jar that you have, apply with the help of some cotton You can also prepare a tonic with the essential oil of rose, rosehip oil, just use about twenty drops and add in about 100ml of water.

Option 2: Tonic with parsley

You can prepare a tonic with parsley, you just have to boil some water, and add a little fresh parsley, and leave a little to boil, turn off the heat and let stand for ten minutes, strain the mixture, and let cool, You can keep it in the refrigerator for daily use.

Option 3: Green tea tonic

Another one of the most effective tonics to be able to show a perfect skin is the one that is prepared with green tea since it helps a lot to refresh, reduce inflammation of the skin, rehydrate it and because of the antioxidants it provides, premature aging can be avoided. Use it daily and you will notice the difference. This tonic is very easy to prepare, just put a little water to heat, do not let it boil, it is not necessary, when it is starting to heat the water turn off the fire, add two bags of green tea and let stand for ten minutes. Then, let cool or put a little time in the refrigerator and you can use. With the help of a cotton you can begin to cleanse the face. You can use it twice a day.

The use of a facial tonic is essential to achieve perfect skin and this only in a week, there are many recipes of totally natural tonics that you can prepare, with various ingredients and even using essential oils, choose the one that best suits your needs. needs and skin type.

Step 4: Wash your face with honey

Honey, as is known, has multiple properties not only to keep us healthy inside, but also outside, and for the beauty of the skin is very successful to use it, therefore, choose a day of the week, and wash or add a layer of honey on the skin of your face, the results will be excellent to achieve perfect skin, is very effective, do the test, just apply a layer on the skin of your face and neck, and let it act for 15 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of warm water.

Tips to get perfect skin in just one week:
These suggestions along with the steps that have been recommended, will not only help you look perfect skin in a few days, but also if you continue with these good habits, you will be able to show a healthy and beautiful skin. Here are some tips:

  • When you wash your face when using hot water, remember to open the pores, to allow better circulation, close the pores, and especially keep the skin hydrated, when finished use cold water.

  • Use a cloth or soft cloth towel that is only exclusively to dry your face, do not rub in a brusque way is not necessary, just touch the skin with a few touches to dry it.

  • Eat well, nutrition directly affects either for good or for bad, not only the health of our body, but also the health of the skin, therefore, ensure that in your daily diet abound fruits and vegetables, drink a juice or shake, will be helpful, also remember that these foods will provide you with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will do well to your skin.

  • To look a perfect skin in general, you can brush your body dry, this will help keep it healthy and also prevent cellulite.

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