5 Healthy Drinks For Summer

At last the summer arrived! We are in the best season of the year: we drink juices, we eat fruits, we encourage sports and we do our best to see ourselves better. The tastes and the variety of the fruits become the perfect landscape and what could be better than having a delicious fruit drink? They help us to start our day with a lot of energy or to enjoy a mid-afternoon under the shade with something refreshing in our hands.

Drinks For Summer

In this article from HNW, we propose 5 healthy drinks for summer. The best? You can do them yourself! You just need a little creativity, desire and visit your favorite supermarket. If you wonder why they are healthy, here's the answer: they are energetic, they help your memory, you are satisfied or you detoxify. Enjoy them!

1. Pepinada


Water + Cucumber + Sugar + Lemon

Very simple! Mix the lemon juice in a blender with a little water and some ice cubes. Put a little sugar and then add a large cucumber cut into slices. A tip? If the cucumber has the skin, much better! To beat that is already.

2. Apple smoothie

Apple smoothie

Almonds + 1 red apple + 1/2 banana + A little fat-free yogurt + Skim milk + Cinnamon (choice)

Mix everything in the blender and enjoy a healthy smoothie. This recipe is ideal for mid-morning when you're hungry. It will leave you satisfied in a healthy way!

3. Green Shake
Green shake

Fresh vegetables (spinach, Swiss chard, whatever you like) + Banana + Pineapple + Blueberries + Lots of water + Ice

This summer smoothie is a perfect detoxifier. You have to mix everything in a blender and that's it! Remember to put a lot of water and ice so that the texture is not too thick.

4. Flavored waters

Flavored waters

2 oranges + 2 lemons + Water + Ice + Sugar

You must mix the juice of the lemons and oranges in a little water. It's super simple and will help you stay hydrated all day. If you add little sugar, its effect and taste will be purer.

5. Cold green tea

Cold green tea

Green tea + Sugar + Lemon

Green tea is very rich and healthy. If you can incorporate it into your summer routine you can take it cold and it will refresh you. You just have to prepare the tea and add cubes of ice and sugar. Mix it and leave it until it cools in the refrigerator. You can take it at any time of day. It is ideal!

If you did not know what to drink in the summer to refresh yourself, you already have a list of healthy and refreshing drinks. The good thing is that you can use the ingredients of every day and combine them in different ways. Cheer up, you only need a blender and a lot of desire!